I was inspired by the FaceBook page of “Benditchas Manos” where so many  “de los nuestros” post pictures of their cooking and where even more people would ask for the recipe.

Some would reply, and give a detail explanation: some did not, or send it privately. But the bigger problem was that it was so difficult to found the recipe again.

I would like this site to be a contribution from all of us. Send your recipes or advice or tips and they will be included with your name in an easy to find format to make the site a place for all of us to found our cooking heritage.

The recipes as they are now are a combination of recipes from my mother, from friends and some from the internet. Unfortunately, when I started having my file of Recipes on my PC, I did not include the place where I got them. So apologies if a recipe is from one of you and has not been acknowledge let me know and I will mention where the recipe came from.

As Charlie Chaplin said, I am a citizen of the world. We are all such amalgamation of languages and nationalities. I have leaved in 3 continents and can speak French, English and Spanish. The site set up by Wix give the choice of languages. So, feel free to correct or comment in any of these languages.


Emigration of the Sepharadis from Turkey and Rhodes Island to the rest of the world

Some of the Jews who were expelled from Spain in the 15th Century established themselves in Turkey, Salonica and Rhodes Island. They were welcome by Sultan Beyazit II who made his famous remark that "the Catholic monarch Ferdinand was wrongly considered as wise, since he impoverished Spain by the expulsion of the Jews, and enriched Turkey"

For many centuries they thrived and established their communities, Synagogues, Schools and Businesses. Businessman learned Turkish and Greek but at home they spoke Ladino and the "necocheras" carried on with the recipes from their mothers. And than change happened again and their new home countries became a "Paradise Lost" (An excellent book: Paradise Lost: Smyrna, 1922 by Giles Milton)

They emigrated to new countries, learned new languages but kept talking Ladino at home and the wife with their "Benditchas Manos" kept making the same food.  I read somewhere that the most important test for acquiring the new Spanish Nationality is not so much one's genealogical background but the answer to the question: What did your mother cooked at home? So here we are descendant of those Eastern Sephardic Jews now living all over the world but with recipes given to us from our mother which our daughters will give to their daughters.

My parents were from Izmir, I was born in the than Belgian Congo, my parents would speak Ladino at home, I can understand it and know the famous saying and the jokes of Djoha. My children don't understand Ladino but know how to make "burriquitas and richicas".

I hope that with this site, "los nuestros" will be able to carry on this culinary tradition and help each other with tips, suggestions and maybe some other forgotten recipes. 

"Y Beraha y salut que te se aga"