Azada - Garlic Dip - Skordalia

This is not a garlic mayonnaise but a Sephardic starter.

This dish would have pleased the American humourist Arthur Baer (b. 1886) who said:

“There is no such thing as a little garlic”. 

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12 garlic cloves pressed

2 slices white bread (crust removed)

1 egg (room temperature)

2 cups  oil

lemon juice

salt and pepper

  • Moisten the bread by placing it under tap and than squeeze as much as water out.

  • Place bread, garlic, egg and seasoning in a mix master bowl with a balloon beater (white eggbeater) and mix well.

  • Pour oil, a drop a time (as for mayonnaise) while stirring constantly.

  • If mixture seems waxy add few drops of lemon juice and carry on adding the oil.


PS: I like the creamy white consistency of this starter and the fact that the ingredients are usually available in one's own kitchen.


Serving suggestions:

  • As a dip with pita bread

  • As a starter with Greek salad and fresh crusty 


  • As a sauce for meat, fish and vegetables.

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