Rice with Spinach

This recipe was given to me by a member of the FaceBook site "Benditchas Manos" I had never heard of it before, some search on the internet showed that is a very popular dish of Greek origin and known as Spanakonzo. 

Recipe by Miriam Levi

Serves 4

Arroz con Espinaka big.jpg

1 bunch fresh spinach (+ - 300 gr) or 100 gr frozen spinach

2 cloves chopped garlic

1 cup rice

2 cup water

oil for frying   





  • If fresh spinach used, remove stems and chop into very small pieces.

  • Pour oil in pot and fry spinach with garlic till spinach wilt.

  • Add the water and salt and wait till it boil.

  • Add the rice and mix.

  • Reduce heat and cover.

  • The rice should have absorbed all the liquid in +- 20 mn.

Serving Suggestions:

A great healthy side dish for fish, roast or chicken

Miriam suggested to serve it with Kapama

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