Beans and Spinach

Another of the dishes that was served in winter. It was served as a main meal as most Mediterranean recipe they made use of the vegetables and very little meat.

1 can butter beans in brine (400 gr)

1 big onion chopped

1 can of tomatoes puree (400 gr)

1 veal shin (to omit if you want to make just a vegetable dish)

1 bunch spinach




  • Fry onions in a little oil till nearly black.

  • Add shin. Fry for a while till meat is sealed

  • Add water and tomatoes puree, enough to cover the shin and boil till meat is soft.

  • Wash and chop spinach, add the drained beans and spinach. Let it cook for just few minutes till spinach is soft.

  • Season with salt and white pepper.



Serving Suggestions
Serve with rice as main course

As a vegetable side dish omitting the meat

or as a main vegetarian dish with rice

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