Izmir Hand Made Filo Pastry

This recipe is more of a trip down memory lane. My mother gave it to me when I was newly wed in Cape Town. I have never done it. But I remember with fond memories my mother stretching the dough with her fist, laying it on a table and than stretching it even further, hooking it on the underside of the table. I have search the internet for this original way of doing the filos, but to no avail. I also remember my aunt Lucy Pisante from Jadotville, doing the same with a Greek neighbour. So here is the handwritten recipe (in French) and the English translation (below) and maybe someone will be able to give more detail or even a picture of a "square boyo from Izmir" .  Today Izmir is the only city in the world that makes and sell the boyos as a street food. They don't stretch and cut the dough as our mothers and grandmothers did; but divide it into 40 little balls and stretch each of them with a roller pin.

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Original Recipe Granma Yvonne


5 glasses of flour

50 gr butter

1 tsp salt

2 glasses of water

  • Mix all till the dough does not stick anymore. Knead well and form 5 balls. Let it rest covered with a wet cloth.

  • Spread each ball, one at the time with a rolling pin. Stretch by placing the dough on your fist and turn the dough around to stretch as the weight will stretch it further.

  • Oil the table, spread the dough. Repeat with all the balls and spread grated cheese and some oil in between the layers.

  • Cut the stretched and layered dough into square. Place the filling (4.5 bunch spinach, remove stem, wash and dry. When dry, chop and mix with 1 Tbsp flour, salt and some grated cheese.

  • Close the bollo, by folding each corner to form a square. Place on a oiled baking sheet, spread the top of the bollo by spreading some grated cheese and a bit of oil.

  • Place in a preheated oven 180 C for + - 45 min. 

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