Green Beans

Another favourite from my parents household.  The flavour of the whole onion, simmered and not fry gives a special taste to this dish.  Don’t forget share the onion when dishing up.

1/2 kg   green beans

1 whole onion

1 green pepper

2 tomatoes chopped (or 1/2 can chopped tomatoes)

3 carrots

3 Tbsp oil

salt and white pepper



  • Cut both ends of green beans. and discard the ends

  • Cut beans in two.

  • Place all ingredients (the onion is placed whole) in a pot of water and turn heat at max and cook till beans are soft (about 1 hour) Check that the liquid has not evaporated.

  • There should be just enough liquid left to moisten the beans.



Serving Suggestions:

As a side plate for a main dish of Roast meat.

Make a stew by browning 500 gr of Veal Shin or Chicken Breast (cut in small pieces) and add the rest of the recipe.  Serve with rice

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