Although most Sephardis settled in sea side town and cities, there are relatively few recipes where the fish is used on its own. At home we had Kapama and Fried Fish. I always thought Fried Fish was a modern addition to our eating tradition as everyone knew about the Fish and Chips from London.  And than the web was inundated with information on the origine of the Fish and Chips. According to various sites: Fried fish was likely brought to the UK by Spanish and Portuguese refugees during the 16th century.  At the time, Jews were facing religious persecution across Portugal and Spain and many resettled here in the UK, bringing their culinary delicacies with them. 

The dish of white fish, typically cod or haddock, was fried in a thin coat of flour. Its name?  ‘Pescado Frito’, a particular favourite of Sephardic Jews, who fried it on Fridays to prepare for the Sabbath.

So the Pescado Frito is proudly present here as a recipe "de los nuestros".



Baked Fish in Tomato Sauce


Peshkado Frito

Fried Fish

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