Brown Hard Boiled Eggs

This eggs were made for special occasion, traditional on the Pesach table. The long cooking made the egg white very soft. They are also enjoyed all year round as a Mezze platter. The eggshell can also be decorated. Strangely though "haminado" in ladino means: messed up....


12 Eggs

12 cups of Water

Onion Skins - from + - 24 onions (keep them for a while or ask your green grocer to supply you with)

2 tsp Salt

4 Tbsp Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste


Place all ingredients in a deep saucepan with cold water. Bring to a boil. Then turn the hot plate down and simmer for 3 hours, adding water if necessary so the eggs are all the time covered with water.

The shells will turn to a dark brown. Slice in half and serve with salt and pepper.


Before adding the eggs, to be boiled, you can press a decorative leaf such as parsley, or a leaf or petal of a flower to the eggshell . Affix the leaf with the egg inside a pantyhose, tied in a tight knot and cook as per the recipe. Only the egg shell gets decorated, it will look stunning on a Pesach platter.

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