Turkish Coffee

My mother was an expert at reading the grinds of the coffee cup. She did predict many weddings and success. The ritual is: 1. Drink the coffee and leave the grind.

2. Swirl the cup to the right three times.

3. Turn the cup on to the saucer

4. Place your index finger on top of the cup  while thinking of the question you want answered.

The cup is then taken, turned around and the interpretation of grinds would be read. Off course, for my spinsters friends my mother would always see an upcoming wedding.

















Measurements are for one cup. Increase accordingly.

1 Turkish coffee cup of water

2 tsp sugar

1 tsp special Turkish or Greek coffee very finely grind.

  • Put the water and the sugar in the Turkish pot (a cezve)

  • Place the cezve on a hot plate.

  • When water just start boiling and the sugar is diluted. Remove the cezve from the hot plate.

  • Add the coffee and steer. Place back on the hot plate.

  • Watch it carefully as it will rise very quickly and take it immediately out of the hot plate.

  • Pour it in the coffee cup.

PS: When making more than one cup, you should pour a little bit on each cup first so as to share the "kaymaka" (froth).

PS2: Should the cup show a round froth it is a sign that something good is going to happen and it is called a "hashlik"

PS3: And of course don't forget to wish "Cafes Alegres"


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