Marzipan or Badem-Fıstık Ezmesi

A marzipan is made of almonds and sugar, it is similar to the bought variety by name only. Much appreciated in the Sephardi Home. It was my mother's speciality. When I lived in Johannesburg, my mother use to send "Mogados" from Cape Town to Johannesburg. One of the first memories of my children was fetching the parcel from the post office and opening there and than the parcel to enjoy a "Mogado from GranMa Yvonne".

Makes about 48 Mogados

mogados big.jpg

Photo from Benditchas Manos

450gr finely ground blanched almonds.

1/2 egg white
21/2 cup cold water

21/2 cup sugar

1 teaspoon lemon juice.


  • Beat egg white with 1 tsp cold water. Till frothy.

  • Place in a heavy saucepan together with the sugar and water. Bring to boil and skim off white scum which forms.

  • When syrup is clear and there is no more froth, the syrup should be ready. (about 10mn)

  • Remove pot from the heat and add almonds. Mix thoroughly.

  • Add lemon juice and return pot on a medium heat. Cook for 25mn, stirring vigorously. The mixture should bubble gently. When mixture has a somehow drier consistency, turn heat down to min and carry on beating till if forms a solid mass coming away from the pot.

  • Remove from heat.

  • Beat the mixture in a Kenwood for about 10mn till it is absolutely smooth.

  • Moisten hand and take a handful of mixture, mix with hands to make it smooth. Roll into 2.5cm thick rope and cut diagonally at every 3.5cm. You should have an elongated diamond shape "Mogado".

  • Decorate with a silver ball in the middle.

  • Mogados can be stored for few weeks in the fridge wrapped in cling plastic.  Can be also stored in the freezer for a prolonged period of time.


PS: When rolling, it should have a smooth consistency and easy to roll. It may take a few experiment to get the timing right. Persevere as it is worth while.

PS2: If when you ready to roll it it is too dry, you can try adding a little water. May have to put back in the pot and heat to mix it thoroughly.

PS3: If when you ready to roll if too wet, cook it a little longer.

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