Ojaldres Big.jpg

½ kg filo pastries
2 potatoes, boiled and peeled
150gr cheddar cheese grated
3 tbsp grated Parmesan
3 eggs
Salt and pepper
1 tsp peri peri


  • Mash the potatoes.

  • Beat the eggs and add them to mashed potatoes.

  • Add the other ingredients.



½ kg filo pastry

500 gr mince meat

oil for frying the mince

1 onion

Salt and pepper
1 tsp peri peri


  • Fry the chopped onions till soft.

  • Add the mince and cook till no more red.

  • Add salt and pepper and peri peri.

  • Let it cool.

  • Beat the eggs and add them to the mince.


The filo pastry is usually sold in the frozen section of the supermarket. Don't forget to place it in the fridge the day before making the ojaldres.

  • Place filos sheet in front of you with the longest side on top.

  • Cut filos sheet in two lengthwise.

  • Place the one pack of filo on top of the others.

  • Cover the pack with a damp cloth after taking one sheet to prepare for the filling of the ojaldre.

  • With the shorter side on top, fold the sheet in 3 - From right to a third and than from left to right side

  • Brush or use a teaspoon to drop little oil on top of the filo at each foldings.

  • With the sheet folded in 3, you now ready to add the filling.

  • Put one teaspoon of filling at bottom right corner and fold in triangle.

  • Place ojaldres in an oiled baking sheet

  • Brush with a beaten egg mix with 1 tsp water.

  • Sprinkle sesame seeds on top

  • Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 15 min.


PS: It is a good idea to make different fillings and you can spread on top different seeds to differentiate them, sesame, poppy seeds or leave some plain ones.


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Filo Pastry Triangle

Also known as the Greek Tiropita (with eggs and cheese filling or Spanakopita, (with spinach added to the filling).

In ladino Oja means Sheet, this makes so much sense as filo are sheets of dough.

They can be filled with any fillings of your choice. I have included the most typical ones: Potatoes and Cheese, Spinach and Feta and Mince. 


is after the different fillings


½ kg filo pastries
300 gr fresh spinach or 500 gr frozen
2 eggs beaten

200 gr feta cheese

2 tbs sunflower oil

Salt and pepper

  • If using fresh spinach, remove stalks, wash and  Squeeze water out.

  • If using frozen spinach, defrost in microwave and squeeze water out.

  • Mix all the ingredients.