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Meat Pies

Very similar to Buriquitas but shaped differently and only with meat filling. The traditional way is to do the moulding by hand. An easier way is to place the dough in a muffin tin.
















1cup oil

1cup  water

4cup  flour

1tsp  baking powder

1pinch salt


Meat Filling

1kg beef mince

2 big chopped onions

3 extra large eggs

2 hard boiled eggs chopped

Salt, pepper and chopped parsley

Oil for frying

1 egg yolk mix with few drops of water to paint the pastilicos


       Meat Filling:

  • Fry onion is oil, when soft but not dark, add the mince, salt, pepper and chopped parsley. Cook till meat is brown and remove pan from heat and let it cool for about 10min

  • When meat is cooler, add the 3 raw eggs and mix.

  • When all is mixed, add the chopped hard-boiled eggs.


  • Mix oil, water and salt

  • Gradually add the flour till the dough is firm (may need a little bit more flour)

  • Make little balls of about 4 cm that will be the cup and make smaller balls that will be the top.


      Assembling and Baking

  • With a roller, flatten the bigger balls to fit at the bottom of a muffin tray with some overlap to attach the top (depending on the size +- 9 cm) and flatten the smaller balls (depending on the size at about 7.5 cm)

  • Grease or Spray and Cook a muffin tin. Place the bigger circle at the bottom, add the meat filling and close with the smaller circle. Press the sides with a fork to close the pastelicos.

  • Brush the pastilicos with the beaten eggs and place in a preheated oven at 180 C. for about 30min or till golden.