Chicken Soup

Also known as the Jewish Penicillin, Not as famous as the Ashkenazi Chicken Soup but our Supa de Gayina also cures the common cold with the advantage that one has it without the Kneidlach. Full of healthy ingredients, it is served for a start of holidays, dinner parties or weekly meal. The chicken feet were added as a suggestion from my African servant Phillipina. The African use chicken feet as a meal and call them "run away". Try it; you will be surprised how it gives that special touch.

Serve 12

Supa de Gayina.jpg

12 cup  water

2 carrots

1 bunch leeks

1 bunch celery soup

1 bunch turnips

4 red tomatoes

1 sprig parsley

1 onion

1 shin

1 whole chicken (you can use just few pieces of chicken if you wish)

4 chicken feet

3 cubes chicken stock

Salt and pepper

Lemon juice


  • Chop all the vegetables by hand or food processor.

  • In a very large pot put all the ingredients minus the lemon juice.  Bring to the boil.

  • Reduce heat to medium and cook for 2 to 3 hours adding more water if required.

  • When soup is ready, remove chicken and chicken feet from the pot.  Remove bones from the chicken and return chicken pieces to the soup. Discard chicken feet.

  • Season with lemon juice.

  • Serve very hot with lemon slices on a separate bowl for people to adjust it to their taste.



PS: This is the basis of any chicken soup.  One can omit some of the vegetables (if not available) or one can add dry beans, lentils (only at the last ½ hour of cooking as they cook very quickly), barley, peas etc.  This will make a thicker soup and is a meal on its own served with fresh rolls or baguettes.


PS2: In winter I make a huge pot of soup.  It is an easy meal to just pop a portion in the microwave and have a satisfying meal.


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